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Al-Esra Aluminium are based in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, and represent ALUSION™ foam product in the Middle-East region, providing supply and installation services.

Diversified in Quality, Design, and  architectural stabilized aluminum foam

ALUSION™ Architectural Stabilized Aluminium Foam is produced by injecting air into molten aluminium, which contains a fine dispersion of ceramic particles. These particles stabilize the bubbles formed by the air, much like dry cocoa powder stabilizes bubbles when it is added to milk.

Al-Esra Aluminium represent ALUSION™

Al-Esra Aluminium is a Manufacturer of Aluminium Castings and products, specialized for architectural and decorative applications including – but not limited to – Facades, Mashrabiyas, Decorative Light Posts, Fences and Gates etc. For more information,

please visit  www.esra.com.sa

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Al Esra Aluminium Represents ALUSION™

Pleasure to present to you a beautiful material, ALUSION™, Stabilized Aluminium Foam, specially produced for architectural applications. It is a new and unique material which can be applied from interior feature walls to entire building exteriors, indoor and outdoor applications alike.

ALUSION™ has captured a very positive response in Europe and American regions and now it is available for utilizing in the vast architectural market of Middle East and GCC countries, with a rich taste for Aesthetics and Signature designs.


  • Makes a statement of a unique look to any architectural project.
  • Adds a signature touch to any work of architecture.
  • Possesses excellent thermal, mechanical and acoustic properties suitable for building applications.


Projects accomplished by Alusion

Vanke Centre, China – Steven Holl

ALUSION™ Wall Cladding, in a Geometric Configuration
ALFG-12.7-SM-1S, Small- Cell Open on One Side, (Top side), Thickness: 12.7 mm

ALUSION™ Ceiling Panels with Lighting

ALFG-12.7-LG-2S, Large-Cell, Open on Two Sides, Thickness: 12.7 mm (0.5″)

ALUSION™ Large-Cell Wall Cladding with

Lighting ALFG-43.2-LG-1S, 43.2 mm (1.7″) – Cells Open on One Side

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Al Esra Aluminum representing Alusion in Middle East

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